To Volunteers for Fullerton’s 125th

July 2, 2012  – Jim Glynn
A short tale dedicated to the many, many volunteers from the Fullerton
area and the  surrounding communities and to those who came from long
distances and also donated time, effort and resources to the Fullerton
125th Celebration.

On our farm a mile north of Fullerton I was about age four when my oldest sister Dot (Dorothy) was considered old enough to “baby sit” us kids when Mom and Dad were both away. I can’t say whether she was asked to do a bit of the housework as well while they were gone or simple took it on herself (which is more likely the case). Even then she was definitely an organizer and motivator as she got Gin and I (Ruth was still a bit young at the beginning of this) involved in the tasks of dusting, washing, cleaning, etc. We would go from room to room like busy little bees. When we begin to slow down a bit too much for her satisfaction, she begin to tell us about how Mrs. McGillicutty was coming and we had to keep on and be quick about it to get everything done.

I was of course a bit curious to see this Mrs. McGillicutty. Certainly she must be someone of a good deal of importance. She still hadn’t arrived even after Mom and Dad got back. They were quite pleased with all we had done and let us know how proud they were. We felt very good about that of course. Later that evening I would still be wondering when this wondrous woman would be arriving. Then there was bedtime and with the activities of the next day thoughts of Mrs. McGillicutty all but vanished.

Some two maybe three weeks later Dot was again left in charge when Mom and Dad were both away.  By some strange coincidence Mrs. McGullicutty was again scheduled to arrive as we were put to another flurry of cleaning and polishing tasks. But alas in spite of our expectations apparently the lady’s plans were changed again as she failed to show. But what the heck. I was just a little kid and didn’t really expect that all of these plans and change of plans should be explained to me.

Infrequently over the next year, year and a half, maybe more this theme would repeat itself in various forms. I’m not sure when but somewhere along the way I began to strongly suspect that there was no Mrs. McGillicutty at all. Not that this interfered with my participation in what had come to be almost our own little family tradition.

“Dorothy, I must admit I was wrong. Last weekend Mrs. McGillicutty came to Fullerton and she had a ball!!!”


Gwendolyn Poeschl Remembers living at the Carroll House

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I am the daughter of Mary Sturma. My Brothers were Frank and Dick (who managed the elevator there for a lot of years). My sisters were Mary Ella, Delorise, Bernice, and Evelyn (also call Pat). I am the youngest and the only one still living.

I lived all of my school years at the Carroll House and graduated from Fullerton High in 1940. We visited the Carroll House since the renovation and thought it looked great.
Prior to marrying Don in 1948 I was a dental technician in St. Louis. We have three children, six grandchildren and five great grand children. All living in Colorado. Don and I visit the Elks about once a week and the VFW. Due to our lousy eyesight our golf and bridge are mostly fond memories.

When I go back to Fullerton I always look to see if something new was built there where the outhouse used to be. This was many years ago but still fun to reminisce about the good old days in Fullerton and the many friends I miss.
Have a great get together,

Gwendolyn Sturma Poeschl

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