Rosebud Poem

The Country School         By Ruth Glynn Wilke

If the country school of our grandfathers’ day
Could only talk – here’s what it might say:
“I was built in Oct. 1901
TRosebud Schoolhe community pride of everyone.
Clean and shining when I was new
I was christened Rosebud #2.
I welcomed the children all through the years.
Laughed with their laughter – cried with their tears.
I taught all eight grades their P’s and Q’s
Reading and writing and two plus two.
Leadership, caring, loyalty and sharing.
(Of course, the teacher helped some, too.)
My happiest time was in the fall
When at recess I watched all the games they played
Crows nest, Gray Wolf, and Kitten Ball
Sticks and Pum Pum Pullaway.
Such fun we had at Christmas time
With all the grownups there
We welcomed jolly Santa Claus with his beard
And snow white hair.
We spoke our pieces and sang our songs.
There was candy for us all – and sometimes
The grownups cleared the floor and had a happy ball.
I oversaw the practice of sports and many crafts
Sewing and sawing until at last
At district rallies where prizes are won
We brought home ribbons for work well done.
Teaching the children was very good
But I was also the hub of the neighborhood.
Trophies displayed in the Rosebud MuseumI hosted the meetings of farmers and wives.
Helped solve their problems – settled their strifes.
Box suppers, elections and homemakers’ fun
And Literary Societies for everyone.
Then one lonely September no children came.
I waited and waited but all in vain
And nothing thereafter was ever the same.
Oh yes, elections were held
And sometimes a party or 4H meeting
And sometimes a smarty would break a window
And write on my walls.
It’s not like the old days my memory recalls.
I learned that the township schools
Were consolidated into one
And busses took our children into
School in Fullerton.
By the year 2000 I’d been moved into town
Dressed up real fancy from my feet to my crown.
I’m now a museum with treasures to share
With anyone wishing to visit me here.
I house the school records and trophies we’ve won
And meet many old friends
From when my life begun.
There are interesting treasures from the community-
Too many to mention – just come in and see!”