Reservation options at the Carroll House

Make your reservation today & Enjoy your stay in Fullerton, ND!

Carroll House – Book the Carroll House for a night, a weekend or as long as you need it.  This facility is great for family reunions, parties and much more. Cost is only $300/night plus 5% tax for a total of $315 for the ENTIRE house. Carroll House Fullerton, ND

Room 1 – Ground Floor.  For a few years  in the Carroll House colorful history this room served as a cream station office. The west window was an exit door. The train depot was directly across the street. Large sealed metal cream cans were moved by hand cart to the train depot that was directly across the street, loaded into a rail car and transported to a nearby creamery. This room serves as small lounge with a television and sofa and as an “overload” bedroom for larger groups as the sofa folds out into a bed.  Cost for this room is only $49.35/night including tax.

Room 2 – Ground Floor. From 1943 to 1969 this was the office of Rob Johnson who owned the building during this period. A former state legislator, he was semi-retired but did taxes and worked on his many collection hobbies which he housed in the other rooms of the building.  Cost is only $49.35/night including tax. Carroll House Room 2

Room  3 – Second Floor.  This cozy south bedroom has a three-quarter size bed. It was originally part of a suite like apartment along with the next room to the east.  Cost is only $49.35/night including tax. Room 3 Carroll House

Room 4 – Second Floor.  This spacious southwest bedroom has a hunting décor and is typically the first one picked by hunting parties.  Cost is only $49.35/night including tax. Room 4 Carroll House Fullerton

Room 5 – Second Floor.  This comfy bedroom is on the northwest corner has an antique white wrought iron bedstead.  Cost is only $49.35/night including tax. Room 5 Carroll House

Room 6 – Second Floor.  This northeast bedroom with its elegant antique bed and dresser is often referred to as the “honeymoon suite.”  Cost is only $49.35/night including tax. Room 6 Carroll House Fullerton

Room 7 – Second Floor.  The beautiful hand sewn quilt designed specifically for this room gives this bedroom its name, “The Red Room.”  Cost is only $49.35/night including tax.  Room 7 Carroll House Fullerton ND


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