Ranch House

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The original brick building was constructed in 1916 at a cost of $8,000.00 as the site of the Fullerton State Ranch House Fullerton, NDBank. This bank became The First National Bank and continued operations until 1930. For a time during the 1930’s the building was owned by the North American Creameries, Inc. of Paynesville, MN on November 2, 1935. Walter F. Noonan was its vice-president.

In 1937 the building was renovated into a beer parlor and barber shop. In 1937 Jack and Effie Knutson bought the lot and building from North American Creameries and continued to run it as a bar. B. C. Simek purchased this property in January 1947, and operated it until September 1976, at which time he sold it to Joe and Louie Rehovsky.

In May 1978, Wayne and Doris Ulmer purchased the property and business and renamed it, The Ranch House. In 1982 Wayne and Doris built on an addition to both the bar area and add a dining area. The middle part of this addition was new construction and the west part was reconstructed from the old Yorktown Township Hall, once located on Section 22-131-61. The Ulmer’s sold the Ranch House to Jerome and Ramona Kelsh in 1990 who operated it until 1998, when their son Jack and family took over.

Thanksgiving weekend, 2000, a fire destroyed the dining area of the Ranch House, and Jack was forced to close. In 2001, area citizens from near and far formed a non-profit organization the Ranch House Renewal Inc. With their donations of money and labor the Ranch House was rebuilt. In Feburary 2002 the Ranch House was reopened for business.

At present Geraldine Glynn and Christine Peterson manage the establishment, which employs about 25 people. The Ranch House remains popular for its fine food and friendly hospitality.

The Ranch House is located within walking distance from Fullerton’s historic Carroll House. Guests that stay at the Carroll House can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner while enjoying their stay in Fullerton.